• Advanced Tests


    Bone marrow services
    Flow cytometry
    Coagulation Testing (all coagulation factors, platelet function using impact R)
    Hemolytic autoimmune Profiles
    Hypercoagulable stain: ptn C, S,ATIII, Factor V leiden

  • Reliable and Advanced
    One Stop Shop

    Molecular testing

  • Healthy Corporate

    Pre employment checkup to determine if the new
    employee is fit for the job.

  • Adding Convenience to
    the Patients Life

    Same day results
    Web based results
    Sample collection from home
    Archived reports

  • Keep the Risk of Complicated
    Health Issues Away

    Routine Checkup

    Often, the earlier a disease is diagnosed, the
    more likely it is cured or successfully managed.

Customer Services

Customer Service

Our customer service culture is built on the base of understanding the customer needs, we provide an integrated top-notch, timely, and convenient services, which ensures the best experience through these four mediums

Home Sampling Visits

It’s our role to make you comfortable, just ask about getting your sample taken from your house.


For the comfort and convenience of our patients, we are implementing a new result delivery system by e-mail, upon request, at No extra charge.