• Advanced Tests


    Bone marrow services
    Flow cytometry
    Coagulation Testing (all coagulation factors, platelet function using impact R)
    Hemolytic autoimmune Profiles
    Hypercoagulable stain: ptn C, S,ATIII, Factor V leiden

  • Reliable and Advanced
    One Stop Shop

    Molecular testing

  • Healthy Corporate

    Pre employment checkup to determine if the new
    employee is fit for the job.

  • Adding Convenience to
    the Patients Life

    Same day results
    Web based results
    Sample collection from home
    Archived reports

  • Keep the Risk of Complicated
    Health Issues Away

    Routine Checkup

    Often, the earlier a disease is diagnosed, the
    more likely it is cured or successfully managed.


Chemistry Department

Cobas Integra 400 by Roche

Cobas C111 by Roche

Haematology Department

IL ACL 9000

Coulter Flow Cytometer

Bio Rad HPLC

Impact R

Molecular & Genetics Department

EZ1 DNA Extraction

Delfia Express by Perken Elmer

Step 1 Applied Biosystems

Abbott PCR

Smart Cycler

Immunology & Hormones Department

e411 by Roche

Olympus Fluorescent Microscope